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Monday, March 06, 2006

When the town beats the gown the town gets arrested

funny anecdote of the weekend:

Me and cornelius were sipping algrave coralejo tequila and 16 year old laguvulin islay whiskey at about 1 am when we heard a scuffle outside. "why did you it me, why did you it me?" then bam punch to the face, smack down. two inebriated bodies hit the ground. rolling pushing and pulling. In a futile effort to get them to stop beating echother senseless I screamed out of my window "police police!". To my surprise about thrity seconds later one police woman and one police man show up. they pry them apart. then they start talking the drunken geordies down a little. then someone touches a woman across the street and one of the guys erupts with a "dont fahking touch er, dont fahking touch er" the police depserately try and contain him. Hes lashing out kicking and screaming. Then it got violent. The male cop slams him to the ground while the police woman holds him in a headlock. Then another police vehicle shows up and four cops bungle him in the back the whole time kicking and screaming bloody murder. the last thing I heard him scream was "fahking souvern cunts dont get arrested do they?"

welcome to the town beating the gown... why did I buy a TV license?


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