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Friday, December 15, 2006

Tim Cappello: all kinds of awesome

Last night a few of us watched The Lost Boys (too skint to go to the Christmas curry!). I've always loved the film - and it's INXS-dominated soundtrack, but it had been a while since I'd seen it. I was hence reminded of Tim Cappello. And how badass he is.

Cappello is a musician that rose to fame as part of Tina Turner's touring band, and I suspect in no small part due to the fact that he clearly loves getting stacked and breaking out the baby oil. In the film, he can be seen playing a gig - with his epic track "I Still Believe" - to a crowd on a beach. Where better than to get topless, show off those muscles, and get oiled up?

As if that wasn't enough, his onstage performance in the film is nothing short of mind-boggling. His strutting puts Jagger in the shade, and Shakira would kill to be able to move her hips like Tim. And then there's the nuclear-powered sax playing. BOOM! How the hell this dude isn't a gay icon I'll never know.

His website has the following great facts:

-Timmy's favorite two instruments are the sax and his voice.
-In a fight scene on an episode of the Equalizer that he acted in, another actor mistakenly dislocated his nose. Ouch!!
-Timmy's band, the Ken Dolls, was the only group ever banned from CBGB for being "too outrageous."
-He isn't fond of any cologne; Timmy says it makes him itch.


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