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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Heat and noise

This is probably going to sound like a parody of my normal, miserable self, but there's another thing to be hacked off about. And it's to do with this lovely weather.

Don't get me wrong, it's glorious out there today - bright, sunny, the epitome of spring perhaps. But in here, it's getting a wee bit warm. As I type, I'm very comfortable on my own in my Ivory Tower. But by midday there'll be four of us in here, and the temperature will sky rocket. Our only recourse is to open the window, and there's the problem. Look what we have outside:

The mechanical workshop. I'm sure those 'real scientists' can't live without the sprockets and doodahs that these guys make (joking apart, I'm sure they do a sterling service) but you just can't think with all the noise coming from that place. Couple that with the noise from the two new developments undergoing construction on the science site, and you find opening the window just ain't an option.

On the bright side, I'm not on the bright side. That is, I have a north facing window here in the ICC. The poor buggers on the south side of the astroshack must have a nightmare with the sun streaming in all day. Gents, you have my sympathy.


Blogger I_am_nil said...

Ah the view out of oc320. How I miss that tranquil garden, the bobing of the sculpture in the wind, the blaring sound of air conditioners and motors.

11:50 AM


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