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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

More tired than a Dunlop factory.

My God, it's only Tuesday and I am Maurice Mickelwhited. Stuff is rapidly catching up with me and I need to sleep. Kat is currently being interviewed for a potentially great job, so neither of us have slept for the last few nights as she prepared material and suffered crises of confidence.

Meanwhile I've survived another year of the journal club; got some useful comments from JRL, Ian McCarthy (if Ian doesn't make it big in astronomy there's no justice in the world) and, unsurprisingly, Richard Bower. I love the way Richard straddles the observer / theorist divide and far from plays Jack of All Trades, but rather appears to have mastered both. I'm envious of that capability. Still, the comments may have generated me a couple of month's worth of more work, so perhaps my gratitude should be limited.

Picked up a great suit at the weekend from Moss Bros, although the daft buggers failed to sort the adjustments out for yesterday so I can't collect it now until Thursday, what with the Masterclass coming up tomorrow. Still, I should look sharp as a razor for my big date with the MPs on Monday. Good job, because my poster deserves it - I'm more than happy with how it came out. Shame none of the work is mine really.

I'm currently, frantically, writing a water-tight new code to make synthetic datacubes for Josh Simon at Caltech. From the little dialogue I've had with him, it's clear he's a sharp cookie so I'm going to need to be on my toes. Need to give the A-Team an overview of his papers tomorrow...another night without sleep tonight then, and that's before I have to deal with whatever the fall out of Kat's day might be. I'll need a couple of single malts on Friday night...if anyone's interested please let me know.


Blogger NPR said...

Seemed like a good idea at the time....

I propose an OGM of the Whisky Club.

Place: 40 Relley Garth (Nic's hoose)
Time: 9pm (GMT), 17th March 2006
Theme: Irish

What say yee??

10:42 AM

Blogger jim said...

you'll probably get your rear on friday. if not: give me a call - i'll drink with you.

10:48 AM


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