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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Pulsa Danura: The Whip of Fire

The city wide riots have subsided. All that was left at the sight i drove through yesterday was a large black discoloration on the road surface. But the fight isnt over: according to Haaretz, the highest Ultra-Orthodox court has issued a Pulsa Danura - a halakhakic curse of death wherein the cursed dies within a year- on the organizers of the protest (and police who try to protect them). Although viewed by any rational person for what it is: an aramaic hocus pocus akin to witchcraft, the same curse was laid on Yitzak Rabin (during the Oslo negotiations), and Ariel Sharon (during gaza disengagment). I dont mean to lose my scientific head, but look what happened to them! Today and tommorow see a multitude of last ditch legal efforts to halt the parade. But the Open House (the organizers) are standing firm and battling it out in the courts.


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