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Monday, October 23, 2006

Toto Revival: For Shame

Yes, it's true. Am back to coding, having submitted the paper finally to MNRAS in addition to astro-ph. Both events surely rank among the most stressful events of my life. Anyway, my renewed exploits in the Codeville permit a return to immersing myself in music (Nozbo, I am however remaining vigilant to your covert "poking" attacks).

I'm afraid I have relapsed into listening to Toto. They really are the cheesiest rock band ever, and by some margin. This notwithstanding, some of the tunes are God-damn-unstoppably-groovetastic. I've had a real job to avoid singling along.


Blogger Mark Norris said...

You'll know when you've been poked by me.

4:50 PM


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