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Friday, January 19, 2007

Zak hooi!

Jeepers, it's been a while since I last blogged. So, here I am in Leiden - having found a break in the Virgo proceedings. I've been in Leiden now since Sunday which seems so long ago now that this place has almost become my brain's default setting. That's perhaps due to the Leffe / Duval / Kastell etc etc. However I shall never get used to Dutch cuisine.

The conference was pretty tiring, as usual, but the Lorentz Center (the venue for the conference) is very comfortable and provides unlimited free coffee, resulting in me being pretty wired all week. Notable this time around was a willingness on the part of Virgo's upper echelons (need I name names?) to lay the smack down on unsuspecting students when disagreements arose. A number of times it looked pretty ugly. Fortunately my own talk passed without incident and a number of people commented that they liked the movies (and wanted code). The whole OWLS/GIMIC thing is shaping up to be an exciting project to work on, and the young guys in Leiden are a sharp and helpful bunch. So - looking forwards to cracking on and hopefully having a lot more to say at the next meeting.

Incidentally, the weather here has echoed that in the UK. No trains were running in all of the Netherlands and as far as I can tell Schipol shut down. Here's hoping I can get home, before the beer or the coffee kill me.


Blogger CMB said...

I'm looking forward to all the gossip on 'who was hot and who was not' when you return :)

10:39 AM

Blogger Rob said...

Craig, I'm no gossip...

1:08 PM

Anonymous Jim2 said...

Remember, Rob, only nice things may be uttered from your mouth!!!

3:32 PM


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