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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

by far the most interesting coffee break ever

Today, like most other days, I satiated my need for caffiene with a 1 o'clock latte. Sitting on the grassy null outside my office, me and my office mate were struck by a huge cloud circle in the sky, so big (high in the sky) that its entirety was not within one field of view. This (complete) ring was interstected by a rainbow arc whose curvature seemed to match that of the cloud circle. But the rainbow arc wasnt a full circle. To make matters more complicated, where the rainbow intersected the cloud circle the rainbow was distorted and rotated. After staring at this phenomenon for the length of time it takes to drink a latte (by which time it dissapeared) and ascribing its cause to everything from aliens to stratospheric events, we noticed high high up in the sky a little white dot (UFO? baloon? satellite?) travelling through the circle. What in sciences name was this? All suggestions welcome.

Afterwards me and my office mate worked out why cmbs "Measure Pi with a Pencil" works. Yay us.

Update: explanation of aformentioned mentioned natural phenomenon can be found here and a picture of aforementioned natural phenomenon can be seen here , taken by some bloke in antarctica.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm convinced you saw this phenomenon, because some friends of mine also saw it. But I don't believe the explanation you found-that it was caused by Ice Crystals in the air-could possibly apply to a cloudless sky in Israel.

Personally, I think it was a reflection from something like the Hubble satellite.

1:41 AM


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