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Monday, April 30, 2007

Not much too report...

As my shared taxi van was about to circumvent a police car stretched out in the middle of the street and drop me off near the central bus station in Jerusalem, the driver of the aforementioned police car halted all traffic. All of a sudden we were stuck at the head of a long line of cars, trying to get to the centre of town. There was - appearently- a suspect package sitting somewhere near the bus station awaiting detonation by IDF sappers.

This seemed to me like a wholly over protective attitude as terrorism 101 teaches you that the palestinians have not used this tactic (planting a bomb in a bag) in at least two decades. Fewer deaths are caused in this way when compared to suicide bombing and as such is unfavorable for the terrorist. Although I didnt stick around to find out how this particular story ended, Im sure it was not a bomb (it would be in the papers by now if it was) and that the Jerusalem police were being rather daft. Also, this exact same episode occured last month as well.


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