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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

How far? FORTY miles? Me? No....oh...ok then.

So, as most people around the ICC are aware, I'm been roped into something daft. The Lyke Wake Walk. Now I'm not really one for hiking - I prefer sitting in the pub or watching the Grand Prix or cricket on a weekend - but severe guilt trips from my sister have forced my hand. So I'm trying to raise some money for the charity Heartlink, who did a sterling job of looking after my sister and her husband whilst my nephew Leo was critically ill a couple of years back. So I'm sure you can see this coming:

*** Please sponsor me ***

I know we all get harrassed to give to charity regularly (I got completely nailed by a Christian Aid woman at my front door the other day), but I can vouch for Heartlink's work and in addition thhey have a well defined target of £160,000 to raise in order to buy a 4D scanner, which sounds like a pretty cool piece of life-saving technology. In addition your money will force me into a position of no return - I'll have to do this thing.

So what is this walk? Forty non-stop miles of cross-country pain, starting at 9pm on Friday 22nd June and hopefully concluding around 4pm the following day. Check the details here - and note that:
a) their logo is a coffin, how reassuring, and
b) the walk is famous enough to have its own folk song (versions by Pentangle and Steeleye Span!)

I don't have the official sponsor forms yet but an email pledge would boost my morale as I sit here in fear of the moors....


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