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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Death of a blogger

I'm struggling, once more, for stuff to say. I have a problem of context now; Noam is in, for better or for worse, one of the most interesting places in the world right now, and is seeing tension and volatile human relations on a daily basis. I love this new angle that this gives the blog, and I have become romantic about how two good friends can ply their somewhat unorthodox trade in such distant and dissimilar locales, whilst remain in near-instant contact.

The thing is, my own life now appears unimaginably dull! This is particularly noticable at the moment, as I'm unusually focussed on my work. I have a similar problem with my email correspondence with a friend who is currently keeping the peace in Afghanistan. What do you reply to a guy who writes to tell you about the horrors of modern conflict, thousands of miles away from home? Guilt doesn't allow me to retort along the lines of

"You reckon you had a shit day out there? I couldn't get Galform to compile, my IDL root finder is chucking out daft numbers, and Pat's prawn cocktail crisps are now out of date!"

Equally, chatting about being pissed off at the gob-shite upper class tossers I pass on the way to work (how I love to bring out the big shoulder on Church Street at 8.45) isn't quite the same as being on a bus that's being attacked by religious protestors. I might struggle for a while with this. Given that Craig's fantastic explosion of readers for astroshack has lured Geach away from Room311, it is all the more important that the 'Mofos have something to say. Perhaps I should lure Stotty over to provide the daily chat about Radio2!

On other, equally unimportant news: I have Doom 3 for my new Mac. I never thought a computer game would scare me. I was wrong.


Anonymous Jim2 said...

Keep going Rob, things'll pick up soon. You'll be back on your blogging feet in no time.

You're with friends, now.


9:21 AM

Blogger I_am_nil said...

Hey robbo... dont sweat it, I feel that not getting galform to compile is potentially as dangerous as fanatical rioters. Not only that but dont forget my hiatus from th blog whilst i was writing up. just keep on truckin, and feel free to report any posh bastards you force onto oncoming traffic in the morning church street rush!

11:05 AM

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