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Sunday, November 12, 2006

images of life in Eretz

Welcome to the Holy land

Security outside my university campus

Hebrew University students

A Zionist

A street in the Old city

A Jerusalem street

A jerusalem restaurant on a Jerusalem street

Ancient greek monastery (5 C.E.)

Chalva at the Shuk


People at Pride

Military Poster

Napoleonic cannons in Jaffo (Tel Aviv in the background)

Arab House in Jaffo

Bauhaus in Tel Aviv

Sunset over the med


Blogger Rob said...

Hey buddy - great post. I was really hoping you'd put some pictures up at some point. Has been hard to imagine what your daily life is like.

I ought to do a similar post showing the more mundane view from Durham!

6:34 PM

Blogger Mark Norris said...

Indeed, great pictures, nice to see the normal lives of people that you only see on tv when something terrible has happened.

9:57 AM

Blogger NPR said...

Hi mate,

Really enjoying the Middle East posts, it's putting the rest of our blogs to shame!! How's the new job going? Have you settled in yet or is there still a lot of sorting stuff out to do!!


P.S. Have you heard any funny political jokes for the western boys back in blighty??!!

3:32 PM

Blogger I_am_nil said...

A priest comes to a rabbi and tells him: 'someone in my congregation none-the-less has blatantly stolen my bicycle during sunday mass. How can I convince the theif to return it?' The rabbi says: "next sunday, when your giving your sermon, recount the ten commandments, and when you get to THOU SHALL NOT STEAL examine the behaviour of your congregation. The thief will unwillingly expose himself.' A few days later the rabbi sees the priest and asks him if his plan worked. The priest says ' No one reacted when I said thou shalt not steal, but when I said thou shall not commit adultery I remembered where i left the bike.'

10:41 AM


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