Two astronomers. Separated by only 22 degrees, 58 minutes of latitude, 33 degrees, 29 minutes of longitude, yet seemingly worlds apart. Their common goal: figure out the very nature of the Universe and its womenfolk.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sweden in Netanya

I have started a semi-routine of working from home. This would otherwise be fine except that when i am at home im prone to lax concentration, due in part to my neanderthal upload speed which makes ssh'ing and scp'ing a semi-nightmare. So in between calculations I inevitably read papers and browse the internet. My work situation has gone through a major face lift: new desk, chair and imac aquired. I have spent some time installing software on my new computer - this has turned out to be a bit of a mess, because appearently the x11 program used by os 10.4.x has a bug in it (you instal new software and it doesnt work and your convinced that its your dumb fault only to find out that the geniuses in silicon valley arent perfect coders either!)

My work is semi-shaping up. I am starting to become a gadget-runner efficienado and have succesfully simulated a spiral galaxy. this would be extremely noteworthy if it werent for the fact that I am simply reprocuding previous results. Well I guess thats one small step on the long arduous road to originality.

Last weekend cilia and I went to ikea and bought half of sweden. I love Ikea. they have super cheap great quality furniture. For a few hundred quid (and a few hours of outsourced furniture building) our flat was transformed from prehistoric cave dwelling into a 21st century lux pad. A freind of mine noted the fact that the liberal left is always up in arms about the disneyfication of the world via McDonalds, Starbucks, etc but no one seems to care that Ikea is doing the same thing to the world of furniture. Who can honestly argue with the swedes?

Why would anyone buy mass produced canvas paintings from Ikea? bookshgelves I can understand, but art?


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