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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

BBC screws-up royally

I just found this gem on the internet, and am amazed it hasn't yet achieved universal notoriety. (Allen has just informed me this is on the BBC's website now). Basically, Auntie was waiting for an IT expert to come onto BBC News and discuss some court case involving iTunes. Instead of getting their man, they grabbed an unsuspecting cabbie from the lobby of Television Centre, stuck him on TV, and interviewed him!!!

I love this guy! The sheer horror on his face as he realises the shit he's fallen into so quickly fades as he realises his 15 minutes of fame are upon him. His attempt to wing it is so laughbly poor, not least because you can't understand him, makes it all the more sweet given that the interviewer gives him no easy way out. I want to see more of this guy on TV.

Have a look!


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