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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Doppelgangers and Namesakes

I greatly enjoyed Jim1 and John's feature on their Room311 counterparts in Cologne, and it led me down the path of curiosity - what other Rob Crain's are out there, and do they have careers as outlandish as my own? I know it's a bit Dave Gorman, but I don't care. Well - they say curiosity killed the cat, but in this case it was more a case of curiosity worries the shit out of you. I put my name into Google - I make only the seventh entry, via Vince's theory computing page. See who Google thinks are the more important Rob Crains:

Rob Crain 1:

RC1 appears to be a hot shot Texan lawyer! I like RC1 - his catchphase is awesome, and is similar to my own, except I make do without the integrity. Something like "questionable results" would be better for me. I think RC1 could kill you with his bare hands. And then get himself acquitted. His Google #1 spot is probably deserved. For now.

Rob Crain 2:

I'll use a Craigism here: "Seriously dude, what the fuck?" RC2 is a "VFX artist", and comes up as Google's 3rd option (RC1 being such a dude he gets the first two, and the fourth, fifth and sixth!). I don't want to dwell on RC2, because I think he gives us all a bad name. What is with that helmet...?

Rob Crain 3:
RC3 appears on page 2 of Google's entries, because RC1 is greedy. No pics of RC3 sadly, but it appears he's a triathlete, so I like him. I only know one other triathlete (Greg), and he's ok in my book. Since Greg and I went running last night, I think RC3 and I have something in common, besides our name!

I got bored of sifting through RC1's entries eventually, and switched to Google image search, boy did it deliver! Check out RC4!!!

Rob Crain 4:

RC4 is a more salt-of-the-Earth type, reflecting my own workng class origins. He's a sales manager for a food company in New Jersey, and has some crazy computer graphics going on behind him. I'm suspicious that he might just be another incarnation of RC2.

Rob Crain 5:

RC5 is a warning from my future not to eat too many pies. He's the mayor of the city of Blythe in California, and clearly power has gone to his head...and guts. If I ever go out to Caltech, I'll be sure to nip by and see myself, delivering a warning about heart disease. Maybe I should hook RC5 up with RC3.

Right - better do some work! I enjoyed all of that!