Two astronomers. Separated by only 22 degrees, 58 minutes of latitude, 33 degrees, 29 minutes of longitude, yet seemingly worlds apart. Their common goal: figure out the very nature of the Universe and its womenfolk.

Saturday, April 29, 2006


Sheesh, I'm on a roll here this morning, but I have t share this. Jim1 covinced me to install StatCounter on here - it's insanely powerful. Since I installed it about a week ago, we've been visited by, in addition to just about every workstation in Xgal and AIG, the following:

- An unknown visitor from Tucson, Arizona
- Someone in Brooklyn (Noam's family, presumbly)
- An unknown visitor from Paris
- An unknown visitor from MIT, interestingly clicked through from Noam's profile
- Someone in UCL, I think it must be Jim1's brother.

Fascinating stuff.