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Saturday, April 29, 2006


It seems we've all gone a bit mad for the natural world, what with Jim2's bee keepings hopes, Stotty's fixation with SpiderWasps, and Nic's infamous "red arsed bee" that frequents his office. I've joined the bangwagon, in a slightly more mundane but no less enjoyable way.

Whilst washing up this morning, a huge female blackbird came and sat on the wall right outside my window. She then flew off, but was replaced by, I presume, her avian husband. This cheered me no end (especially after yesterday's episodes), but I was further cheered by Mr Bird's desire to remain on the wall - so long in fact that I was able to photograph him! Here's the view I got from the sink:

and here's a close up of the little fella:

I think he grew wary of the camera eventually and zipped off, but his missus returned. Her visit was fleeting, so this picture is more of an action shot:

In all of the excitement, I forgot about the toast I was making for Kat and it burnt. So I put it outside on the wall in bits - hopefully Mr. and Mrs. Bird will find it and begin to frequent the wall, thus making the washing up more fun in the future. I also hope that caring for the birds will balance the bad karma I have from allowing my bamboo plant (see first picture) to die.


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