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Sunday, June 04, 2006


Just like the water, my creative juices have dried up of late. The result: little blog activity. I apologise for this - Jim1 seemed to be particularly upset by this.

Best thing to discuss: how great was Saturday? England whoop ass in the football (making up for a lack-lustre second day of the test), Durham beat Northumbria at the racecourse (giving us an awesome day in the sun with beers) and then I clean up at poker for the first time ever. YESSSSSS!

I'll try to get Act II of Othello done soon. I'm thinking we should do a pictorial "story-board" type overview - if anyone wants to help out with this please say so, you might become famous (Jim2, I'm especially appealing to you here).


Blogger Jim2 said...

Can I blacken my face??

Will it be necessary??

I hope so.

2:15 PM

Blogger Rob said...

But Desdemona wasn't black....

2:51 PM

Blogger Jim2 said...

You're a funny man, Rob

8:56 AM


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