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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

2007 and all that (Rob's take)

Ok, a bit belated, but January 2007 has been a rollercoaster of a month. So I'm going to take stock, make my plans for the remaining 11 months of the year, and give myself something to look back on sometime around 2008 when I'll be even more stressed about time than I am now.

The key stake in the ground of January was the Lorentz/Virgo meeting in Leiden. The meeting, and in equal measure my preparation for it, has determined the direction of my PhD and I'm pretty happy about where I'm going. This is a marked change from only a couple of months ago when the best answer I could give to people about what I research was "galaxies". I've got a plan in place, and armed with my GTD book (thanks Sam), I'm going to nail the bugger to the wall.

Also, I've thrown an abstract into the fray of the Heidelberg "Dark Universe" conference, which I'm dearly love to go to. I think it'll be a great meeting and I'd love to use the opportunity of going as an excuse to get the missus and I on a holiday for the first time in two years. Here's hoping SOC members Drs. Alexander and Smail fight my cause!

So, my optimistic predictions:
1. United to pip Chelsea to the title
2. Chunky GIMIC-based paper by close of the year
3. Dalsim will get finished
4. I'll stick to using some form of GTD methodology
5. I'll resist buying a Macbook but will relent over a Samsung telly and AppleTV.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

chelsea is going to win the Premiership because the red devils arent as savy as the blues. Plus Malcom glaser isnt as rich as abromovitch...

1:31 PM

Anonymous Miasma Wills said...

I think we should David Allen in to do some face-to-face coaching. He'd be hilarious. We could sit there imitating his silly voice. I think he'd crack within an hour.

Incidentally: my comment verification word was the highly satisfying "Yeumum".

8:36 AM


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