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Friday, March 24, 2006


A bit ofva follow on here from Jim's rant on - adverts just don't try anymore. This one particularly gets on my wick:

The new perfume 'Lovely' by Sarah Jessica Parker. Where do I start? How about the name - have the advertising guys not got a thesaurus? How dull! What's next - 'Good' by Calvin Klein? 'Nice' by Ralph Lauren? 'Fragrant' by Estee Lauder? Then the brand. Sarah Jessica Parker - so can anyone have a perfume these days (well yes actually, take Britney and Beyonce)? But she's a talentless dog. At least Britney dons a school uniform and Beyonce shakes her assets. But SJP? Nothing of note since she was in Flight of the Navigator. Then there's the ad - just the aforementioned bint rolling around like a stuffed pig in a dress. I bet the perfume stinks of piss anyway.


Blogger NPR said...

And here's me just having bought some "Lovely" for Mother's Day... ;-)

3:58 PM

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