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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

the conference is in full swing

There are few pleasures for the monastic style life of the theoretical cosmologist: finding that bug in your code, obtaining some results that are new, giving a talk and answering Simon White so that he doesnt laugh at you... today seeing P.J.E Peebles (of CMB, galactic spin, and countless book fame) give his talk was one of them. Although I dont think many of us fully understood the meaning of his last "anomoly", hearing his take on Einstein-deSitter's correspondance, his interpretation of the anthropic principle and his justification of LCDM was a priviladge and a pleasure. I dont want to advocate group - think, but when he says LCDM, I say "Halelujiah".

Numptey boy Ross lived up to his repuatation and gave agreat talk as well: congrats nick!!


Blogger NPR said...

Cheers boys. Muchos appreciatas. I may as well quit now though. I've been mentioned in the same post as Big Jim himself (he is the definition of awesome) and have been given the Mofos Seal of approval. My work here is done! :-)

3:09 PM


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