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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


OK, sorry for jumping on the band-wagon that John and Craig have been peddling of late, but this is such an awesome find that I have to share it.

The jist is this: come the "rapture", those who believe in the divinity of Jesus of Nazareth will be whisked off to heaven...presumably to live the high-life with the Almighty and avoid things like writing halo morphology software. But what if you're one of Jesus' pals? Surely there are messages you need to send to people whose names aren't on the list? A great big "f*ck you" to members of other religions / agnostics / atheists? Or a more friendly "miss you" to old non-believing friends?

No problem: this guy has set up a server that will fire off any emails you want sending to people come your big moment. As a believer, obviously he'll be with you (formatting the Holy Ghost's broken PC, maybe?) so he has a "dead man switch", much like that computer in that "Lost" program on Channel4. The first Friday after the rapture, the emails will fire off. AWESOME THINKING. Except...

1) What if he forgets or gets hit by a bus? Do all of your mortal enemies get their slating a -little- but too early? Will your mum think you've been taken away when in fact you're probably at the pub?

2) What if power stations are manned by an unusually high proportion of Christians? If the rapture comes, we might find the juice turning off and those messages might lie dormant on a disk for all time!

3) What if he uses XP!? You can't rely on that bad-boy working without someone to kick the server now and again...


Blogger Craig said...

I remember a documentary with this guy in. He claimed that American Airlines don't allow flights where both the pilot and co-pilot are Christian in case the rapture takes them.

3:27 PM

Blogger Rob said...

Haha! Good of AA to think of their non-Christian passengers.

3:49 PM


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