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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Residential Vigilante

Those of you living around Claypath / The Sands may have noticed that new flats are being built behind Ruth First House. This is creating havoc near my house as zillions of lorries and heavy plant (YES! I got to use 'heavy plant' in a post) are trundling up and down my tiny street all day. Literally *all* day, they never seem to stop.

Last night I got home to find a note through the door from some neighbours who are hacked off with it all - they were having a meeting! Sadly I couldn't go because of football training, so I may have missed my chance to fight the good fight against the evil corporation (building company).

Things ratched up a gear this morning though, 0755hrs to be precise, as a lorry began reversing up the street. This is pretty noisy anyway, but obviously the lorry also had a reversing "beep" sounding too. Suddenly, the neighbour who organised last night's meeting stuck his head out of his bedroom window and began gobbing off at the lorry driver about the beeping, specifically he was pissed that it was before 8am. The lorry driver retorted in typical lorry driver fashion (sorry to any lorry drivers out there) and carried on reversing. Incensed by this ignorance, the neighbour remained at the window screaming "you're breaking the law! You. Are. Breaking. The. LAW!"

Of course, he ended up making more noise than the lorry, but I *love* this guy. He's a classic underdog and he's fighting for a noble cause. I hate this building development more than most, and were it not for my chronic apathy and inate cowardice I'd offer to be his sidekick.


Blogger jim said...

i got caught in the dust from this on my way into work this morning.

11:30 AM


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