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Sunday, September 03, 2006

A week behind...

A couple of busy weeks have really stopped the blog in its tracks, and I have no idea where Noam is these days so he's unlikely to contribute. So, I'll try to catch up.

Last weekend we played host to Kat's Dad, Nan, and sister. We hopped over to Newcastle to check the usual haunts, and had a great laugh in the Baltic when we were allowed to invade Surasi Kusolwong's wacky...erm..."art", which essentially meant riding mini-motorbikes around an art gallery:

That's about it really....just been working since then. Boring eh? To be honest, I can't be honest blogging today because I've just discovered a goldmine of awesome podcasts and rss feeds, and I've sat here watching the net like an automaton. I'll try to be more interesting soon.


Blogger Kat said...

haha! my dad hasn't set bum on a motorbike since he broke his back falling off one in his 20s. The look of glee on his face as he went round was priceless!

7:32 PM


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