Two astronomers. Separated by only 22 degrees, 58 minutes of latitude, 33 degrees, 29 minutes of longitude, yet seemingly worlds apart. Their common goal: figure out the very nature of the Universe and its womenfolk.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Needs no comment


Blogger jps said...

stick it on t shirt for jim

7:02 PM

Anonymous Craig said...

I think that picture probably summarises my life philosophy better than anything else on earth.

12:13 AM

Blogger Rob said...

It's awesome. I really think we should get some t-shirts made. We could make a fortune at freshers week.

8:52 PM

Blogger jim said...

yar! i'll wager that shirt will see a few pieces of eight cross our palms!

9:22 PM

Blogger jps said...

arr, I'd like to see a wench in one you scurvy dogs!

1:46 AM

Blogger Rob said...

I'll drink a flagon of rum with ye to that! Arr!

8:17 AM


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